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How to overcome DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness)

If you enjoy working out, DOMS is a very common. As our muscles experience some micro-tears our body adapts to heal it. So what are some of my favorite tricks to deal with DOMS. Here are my three:

1) Hydrotherapy - When I tell my clients this, they are intrigued at first until I tell them what they have to do, then they cringe. Haha. Basically it is alternating your body to experience hot and cold temperatures. There are three ways people do this:

A) Take a super hot shower as is comfortable. Then two minutes before you get out, switch the setting to ice cold. Your body will definitely feel the shock. The idea is for the cold water to help slow down blood flow to the muscles and reduce inflammation.

B) If you are blessed with two bathtubs, then fill one with super cold water and the other with hot water just enough for you to tolerate it. Start by submerging your body up to the neck for about two minutes in hot water. Then, jump into the cold one for one minute. Alternate between the two about 5xs.

C) Back when I lived in South Korea, I ran a half-marathon and this treatment was my saving grace. I had filled a tub with about 8 cups of ice and added cold water. Then I sat in the tub with my legs stretched out in freezing water. I sat in the tub for about 15 minutes.

Disclaimer: Do not try this if you are diabetic and have neuropathy. Consult a doctor if you decide you want to try this. And of course DO YOUR RESEARCH especially if you have any sensitivity to temperature as this will shock your nervous system.

2) Hydrating - drinking water, electrolytes and making sure you have vitamins and minerals, can prevent your muscles from inflammation. Contrary to popular belief regarding salt, salt is actually important in drawing water into our cells. The important key is to use the right type of salt like Celtic and Himalayan as they have more minerals available than your typical iodized salt. In short, minerals and vitamins are like locks and keys that open doors to our cells for our body to function at its optimum best.

3) Massages: Prior to the pandemic, this was my favorite way of relieving tension. But since things have changed, this is not as safe of an option. So an alternative come into my possession. ELECFORU! I recommend this all the time to my clients. It's affordable and doesn't break the bank. The product is high quality. The settings are simple. It did not come with instructions, however, it was a no-brainer. If you want to know more check out the video below. I've provided more information about the product so you can check it out. - Massaging the muscle is great because it allows for more blood flow to the tight muscles. Often times when our muscles are tight, it's because there is no blood flow and we experience pain or a pinching sensation. Preventative DOMS is important to help with recovery time. If you're an athlete or just a glutton for punishment, then massaging a muscle can assist in relaxing the muscle and alleviate nerve compression.

I hope that this encourages to keep that body moving and functioning. In the meantime may you live, thrive and stay healthy.



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