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Hello! And welcome to my website. 

As a personal trainer, it is my goal to treat my clients as I would want to be treated. What does that mean?
Let's take a look at what I would want from a trainer:

  • I would want a trainer who motivates me and pushes me harder than I would push myself, while making me feel like I've accomplished my goal after each session

  • I would want a trainer to encourage me when I am slacking off and is not afraid to keep me accountable

  • I would want a trainer who lives a life of integrity and is honest even when no one is watching

  • I would want a trainer who doesn't waste my time, listens to my concerns and easily adapts workouts to my capabilities

  • I would want a trainer who tracks my progress so I have the confidence that our training is working

  • I would want a trainer who is personable and that I'm able to connect with on a meaningful level

  • Lastly, I hate pushy sales people, I want a trainer who won't try to up sale me things that I don't want or need and is looking out for my best interest

If this sounds like a trainer that you'd want to work with I'm confident that you'll be happy with my services. Please look through my website to get to know me. If you go to the CHANGED LIVES page, you can read testimonials of current and past clients that I have worked with personally. 
Here is my phone number in which you can TEXT me directly if you have any questions or concerns. 937.947.0711. 
It is my desire for you to get to your goals and help you not only change the scale, but to change your life. 

Many blessings and sweat, 

VegFit Warrior


Dee , Retired

She is very knowledgeable about proper technique, and just how far to push me without going too far. 


Chase, Student

She pushed me very hard and I never felt that the work outs were easy, I was left with fire burning in my abs every time.


Kami, VP Sales & Marketing

She introduces new exercises regularly to keep things interesting and work different muscle groups. She quickly learned my skill level and helped push me to reach new goals.

Certified & Trained through

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