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April 10 3 Tips to Change

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April 24 The Vegan Baker

 May 1 What is health

May 8  7 Myths: Part 1

May 15 Anemia

May 22 7 Myths: Part 2

May 29 7 Myths: Part 3

June 26 Playing While ...

Welcome to Let's Talk About It! I am so thrilled that you're here!

These written pieces will cover a wide range of issues including food, diet, health, positive psychology and more. This little space is my rant on life experiences, things I have learned and felt beneficial to share with the world. Let's get talking!


"Each thought generates a mood, a mood affects our feelings, our feelings impact our behavior, our behavior becomes a pattern, that pattern integrates into our lifestyle, and that lifestyle will define us, for good or bad. If bad, it will be hard to break. If good, then the closer we are to wholeness."

- letsvegaboutit


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Looking forward to hearing from you!

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