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Start Your Fitness Journey


P.Jenkins 2018 November 28

     Ever struggled to keep up an exercise regiment? Well, you and I are no different then. We're human. We get busy. We get stressed out. Before being a trainer, I had done so many things to maintain my own personal health, which I hope may encourage you to get started on your fitness journey. If you've ever been the type to make a resolution to improve your health, only to fail time and time again, then maybe consider changing your method. Here are a few options to consider:

1) Find a reliable and honest friend or family member that will help keep you in check. This has to be someone that you can depend on. Not someone that will allow you to flake out whenever you fail. Set an agreement that if you don't make your goals, allow there to be REAL consequences.  This could be buying them dinner, washing their car, babysitting their kids for a week, cleaning the cat litter for a month or even paying for their gas for a week. Whatever it is, it has to be a consequence that you feel would motivate you. 

2) Have a calendar set with all your goals. Make them reasonable. If you've never exercised in your entire life, DON'T think you'll be able to start a 10 km run on day 1. Start slow. Then progress. Remember, it isn't about the quantity of your workout as much as it is the quality of the workout. Maybe start with 20 min. doing a light jog with a few push-ups here and there. Maybe start with a goal of three times a week, rather than five days a week. You can always add more days as you get stronger. Then up it to 30 min the next week. Then progress from there. Whatever you do consider what your body is capable of doing then make it a little harder. Challenge yourself. Above all things, DON'T GIVE UP!

The Wright Brothers took years before they could fly, it may take you a few months before you can too.


3) Consider following some great workout routines you like on Youtube. That's what I did when it was too cold outside to run. Some of my favorites were Fitness Blender , blogilates, Livestrong Women with Tara Stiles, just to name a few. Having a variety in your workout will help you use different muscles, which will keep them from becoming too stiff or overburdened. 

4) Another option is be part of an online group or a physical group that has some challenges. For example, I am part of a group on facebook called F5 Challenge, sometimes they have posts of various different workout challenges. That was how I was introduced to the 22 push-ups for 22 days challenge, which I learned supported veterans suffering from PTSD and suicide. There are other ones like the squat challenge, etc. that might help motivate you. Regardless what you decided, ultimately you are the only one who can make the change. Choose a healthier life and a healthier you. 

5) Get the right equipment. Whether it's joining the gym or purchasing some resistance bands and dumbbells, do something that encourages your fitness journey. If you need some equipment here's one of my favorites! Idealux resistance bands! It'll cost you less than a gym membership for a whole year. You can see me use them on Instagram and during my Fitness Series, which is coming soon! I also got the extra handles to make my workout more stream-line. Whatever you decide, whether it be at a gym or an at home regimen, make sure you get the best equipment to help you achieve your goals. 



6) If all else fails, hire a reputable certified trainer. According to statistics nearly 45% of trainers out there aren't certified and the numbers are increasing. You are taking a huge risk on your health to train with someone, if they have no idea what they are doing. I encourage my friends and family to make sure whoever trains them is certified because your well-being is in someone else's hand. It only takes one wrong advice, one wrong miscalculated movement to injure you. It isn't worth it. It is imperative that your trainer is knowledgeable and understands what your body is capable of. 

With that said, there are amazing trainers out there so don't get discouraged. If you ever need someone to talk to about changing your lifestyle, I'm only a click away


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