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Welcome to YOUR Virtual Fitness Haven at VegFit Warrior Studio!



  • 39 classes in 3 months

  • Cardio & Strength - Mondays

  • Tabatta - Tuesdays

  • Aerobics - Wednesdays

  • 6:45pm -7:15pm CST

  • Non-refundable

Enjoy an extra exclusive 20% OFF

👇👇 VEGFIT20 👇👇  

Join VegFit Warrior Studio with Pearl today – where excellence is the standard, and your fitness success is our priority! 💪✨

 Exciting Discounts for Eden Members : enjoy an extra

exclusive 20% OFF

to work with a Health Coach.

It's time to turn your fitness dreams into reality without breaking the bank!


* Health Coach services are STATE specific *

please check Eden Health Restored for specific details

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