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When people experience the right training, they thrive. 

Try out these challenge packages offered through the


6 weeks of ABS on Fire

Abs of Fire.png

Many people suffer with low back pain and weak core muscles, this challenge is to help do six things: 

1) Reduce your lower back pain

2) Strengthen your abdominal muscles

3) Improve your posture

4) Increase abdominal mobility

5) Slim the waist

6) Improve digestion

12 Wk Intermediate Challenge

Intermediate Challenge.png

This may be for you if:

+ You have access to a variety of at home equipment

+ Don't want to plan your workouts

+ Want to build overall health, while being challenged

+ Want something that keeps you focused and helps you stay on task five days a week

8 Week Warrior 15 Challenge

Warrior 15 Challenge.png

High Intensity Interval Training that will challenge you and improve:

1)Your heart health

2) Weight loss

3) Overall strength

4) Balance

5) Endurance

6 Wk Bodyweight Fitness Challenge


This may be for you if:

+ You are just starting your fitness journey

+ Desire to increase coordination, strength, and lose weight

+ Improve your cardiovascular health

+ Convenient for those that travel and do not have equipment

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