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Vegan Omelet

Words of Life

"Eat to live and thrive, not just to survive."


Recipe below:


Serves  1 person

* 1/2 cup of JUST EGGS

* 4 TBS of cooked rice

* 3 TBS of vegan corned beef hash

NOTE: Vegan corned beef hash recipe click here.

You can put whatever you want in your omelet, I just like using left overs 

How to:

1) If your rice is already hot great, if not make sure that it is 

2) In a non-stick pan, spray it ONCE with oil, then let it heat up for 2 min.

3) Next, add the JUST EGGS, cook until it has fluffed up and the liquid is completely gone

4) Flip it over and then add the rice and corned beef hash

5) Other great omelet fillers: vegan ham slices with cheese, or rice and kimchi. The sky is the limit when it comes to omelet. You can add avocado with salsa too. 

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