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Mashed Potatoes & Country Gravy

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"Being thankful isn't just acknowledging what you have, but knowing where it comes from and appreciating it's origin. That's the spirit of Thanksgiving." - letsvegaboutit

Recipe below:



NOTE: If you use a blender, you need to wait till the potatoes cool down, which makes this a longer process. A hand-blender tends to be much easier. 

* Each dish takes less than 30 min. Which is why it is in this category

This recipe serves 4-8 people

Rosemary Infused Sauce

    1 cup almond milk

    1 tbs dried rosemary

    1/2 tbs minced garlic

    1/2 tbs onion powder

Mashed Potatoes:

    12 medium sized potatoes

            (diced, boiled & drained)

     4-5 cups of water

     salt (add & taste as you go)

     1 cup of the potato water

      1/4 cup of almond milk (maybe)

Country Gravy:

    3 cups of the cooked potatoes

    1 tsp of salt

    4 tbs of nutritional yeast

    1-3 cups of almond milk (gradually add)

    1 cup of soaked cashews

    1 tbs of basil  

How to:

Mashed Potatoes:

1) In a small pot, add all the ingredients to make the Rosemary Infused Sauce. Let it boil and then sent it aside.

2) In a pot add the water, some salt, & potatoes, let it boil till the potatoes are tender. Then drain it and set a cup of the potato water aside. Also set three cups of the potatoes aside for the gravy.

3) In the same pot, add the potato water, the large batch of the potato along with the Rosemary Infused Sauce. Pour it through a sieve so it doesn't have the bitter rosemary. 

4) Mash the potatoes and add some salt to taste or more almond milk to get the right texture

Country Gravy: Pearl's Signature Gravy! 

1) If you are using a hand blender, put all the ingredients into a bowl and blend. Add the almond milk until you get the desired creaminess.

2) If you are using a blender, you may need to wait until the potatoes have cooled off before adding all the ingredients into the blender. Depending on the size of your blender, you may have to do it in batches. 

I hope you enjoy! This Country Gravy was a hit! 

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