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Must Have Items

Ever wonder what equipment you need to get your fitness started? Here are a few of my top workout must haves, especially if you don't have a gym.


*These are recommendations. Let's Veg About It is not responsible for damaged items if you decide to purchase them. 

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1) Booty Bands

Booty bands are a great way of adding resistance to the hip and strengthening the pelvis. If you have weak glutes and don't have a hip adduction machine, this is an inexpensive way to working the muscles that will give you a great burn. 

2) Resistant Bands


Resistance bands are great since they allow for various planes of movement and to vary the tension without having to buy multiple dumbbells. It can easily cut the cost of expensive workout equipment. If you know how to use this, these are a great tool to have in your closet. Easy storage, simple cleaning and inexpensive.

3) Extra handles

Extra handles never hurt since this can streamline your workouts without having to stop and adjust your bands. I often recommend this to my virtual clients, since this tends to make the workout experience more fluid. 

4) Kettlebells

Kettlebells are also a great option in doing dynamic multifunctional exercises. Have a variety of weights allows for various resistance, but can be cumbersome in terms of space needed to store them. 

4) Elec-foru

A massage gun is perfect to have part of your equipment list as it helps prevent delayed onset muscle soreness. 

5) Yoga mat

One of the best most comfortable yoga mats. It's thick and very cushy. Great for those that have a sensitive spine. 

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