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Mock Dock

Noodle Salad

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Recipe below:


Make about 2 servings unless you're like me and it's good for ONE hahaha

NOTE: Drain the mock meat and lightly rinse it, then cut the large pieces into bite sizes

1/8 cup of cilantro

1 tbs chopped pickled sushi ginger

1 cup of mixed greens

2 tbs of chopped kimchi

1 bundle of somen noodles

3 triangles of yubuchobap (Soybean Curd)

1 can of mock duck meat

1/2 onion cut in half-moons

1/4 cup of Vegan Teriyaki Sauce

1-2 TBS of water

1 TBS of olive oil

Topping: Sesame Seeds

How to:

1) In a nonstick wok, add olive oil, onions and mock duck. Cook until onions are slightly tender. Then add the Teriyaki Sauce. Cook until onions are translucent and the mock duck has darkened in color. Add about water to prevent it being too salty.

2) While that is cooking, beginning preparing the bowl(s): Add the mixed greens as the base, chop the yubuchobap, kimchi, cilantro and sushi ginger and place on top of the mixed greens. 

3) In a pot, add hot water, let it come to boil. When it's at boiling point, add the somen noodles. This cooks within 3-4 minutes, so stir and keep an eye on it. 

4) Once the noodles are done, drain it and run it under cold water, put it on top of the mixed greens. 

5) Next add the teriyaki mock meat with some sauce.

And that's it! Sweet and simple!

I'm in a rush
I've got time
I can splurge

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No copying, selling or redistributing for profit without Let's Veg About It's permission or knowledge. 

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