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Kabocha Squash Soup

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Recipe below:


This was good for 12 people

What you'll need:

3 red bell peppers 

1/2 medium kabocha squash (3-4 cups)

2 TBS of vegetable broth

2 TBS of basil (dried)

1 large onion chopped (1-2 cups)

5 garlic cloves

1 can of Navy beans

5 cups of water

Salt to taste

1 TBS of onion powder

How to:

1) Cut the red bell peppers in half, remove seeds

Roast in the oven until skin is black in 450 degrees

2) While they roast, in the Instant Pot, add onions, garlic, Navy beans, kabocha squash, 1 TBS of basil, 2 TBS of vegetable broth and water.

Soup setting for 20 min.

3) When the bell peppers are done, take them out and put them in a glass bowl and cover it with plastic and let them sweat for 30 min.

4) When the roasted peppers are done sweating, remove the skin then add them to the Instant Pot mix

5) Using a hand-blender, blend everything until it is nice and creamy. Add pepper to give it a little kick.

Simple and easy. 

I topped it off with a little Violife Parmesian Cheese and it was perfect! It goes perfectly with salad and a nice baguette too. 

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