In the Bowl

Vegetarian Bistro

What I liked about this place:

             If it's your first time visiting Seattle, WA, this is the perfect place to eat at first. Of all the places I did dine at, this one is probably #1 for me. The food is phenomenal! I was impressed with their textured meat, by far one of the best imitations and the flavors are bold and savory.

             In terms of ambiance, it's pretty minimal. A bit small, but cozy especially on those rainy days, which is pretty much everyday if you live in Seattle. But we love these sort of hole-in-the-wall-kind-of-places cause the food, quality and company is what matters.


What about you?  What was your favorite dish?

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In the Bowl Vegetarian Noodle Bistro (Seattle)

Address: 1554 E Olive Way, Seattle, WA 98102

Phone number:  +1 206-568-2343

Hours : 11:45am – 9pm

Restaurant Rating System

This is rated on a scale of 1/10. 10 being the best and 1 being the least. The categories are listed below on how we ranked each place. 

  • Cuisine      10

    • Quality of ingredients​ 10

    • Taste 10

    • Presentation 10

  • Service      10

  • Facility     8 

  • Atmosphere: Casual/Couples

  • Location - Difficulty to reach: Easy

  • Price: Decent $$

  • Linguistics: Eng

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