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     Welcome to #foodandmypet. This page is dedicated to honoring our plant-based lifestyle while co-living with some of the most amazing creatures that God has blessed us with. For those of you who follow me on instagram, please use the hashtag so that you & your animal companion can be shared right here. We want to show the compassion and love of this lifestyle to the world.

     As you obviously read at the top of this page, his name is Costco. This little miracle came into our lives and has blessed us tremendously. He was only 7 days old when we got him. He hadn't even opened his eyes until he arrived home. He was an orphan and so malnourished. With weeks of bottle feeding, burping, and massaging; his tiny body recovered and gained the strength needed to thrive. Today, we are happy to see this little guy become our pride and joy. 

     What's your story? Share it so we can feature it. 

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