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If you're new to this page, welcome! Thank you for checking out our Donation Box Project. This program started after a request from my best friend to help the children from her community in the Philippines. At the time, I had been living and working in South Korea for a few years, so we had Balikbayan boxes sent out to us and we filled five with donations. We sent the boxes to the Philippines and I flew out along with it to make sure everything went smoothly. The physical donations were distributed and the monetary donations were used to buy local school supplies and clothes. It was an amazing experience! This one time project led my husband and I to create this: the Donation Box Project. We're not an official organization or a 501c3, yet, but it's already a grass roots undertaking dedicated to 100% transparency in donations. Everything donated is accounted for, open to public scrutiny and goes directly to those who need it. We look forward to continuing this project every year a request is made.

How we get connected:

Most of our requests come through social media or friends that see a need in their local area. We receive requests to either provide financial aid, school supplies or to host programs for enriching communities. It has been an amazing blessing traveling to other countries and working with excited people to relieve suffering, promote education and lift up communities. We have the desire and drive to help spread the love of Christ in actions and charity. 

What we've done since:


The first year we helped 300 children from Taguig, Philippines by supplying them with food, clothes and school supplies. The second year we helped a Hmong village and 3 orphanages in Thailand, providing shoes, food and hygiene products. Then, in 2016, we had a request to host a Children's Retreat for three days. We provided vegan food, fun games, Biblical lessons, music and of course school supplies. We gave out backpacks, notebooks, and much more to as many children as we could afford. In the summer of 2016, we received a request to supply shoes, mosquito nets and school supplies, such as writing utensils and notebooks, to people living in a rural mountainous area in the Philippines. Although, we couldn't attend ourselves, our contact sent pictures of the materials, receipts and photos of the families and children that were helped. Early 2017, we had a simple request for financial aid to help support youth in their outreach program by supplying them with books. This coming year, 2018 we will be back in the Philippines and we'll be taking on a bigger endeavor than ever before!

What's next:

We have been asked to team up with a Filipino church in South Korea to host an Evangelistic Series and a Health program. There will be a youth program in which school supplies will be provided. We will be partnering with dentists to provide free dental care as well. There will be exercise classes to help encourage total body wellness, as well as Health talks to educate the locals on health reform and inspire them to lead a more healthy and economic plant-based lifestyle. We would love any support you are able to provide so we can continue our mission of serving those in need. 

Let's make a difference... one donation box at a time!!

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