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Creamy Cashew


Words of Life

"Nuts aren't the types of fats that will clog your arteries."


Recipe below:

onion powder
lemon juice
spices added
dill weed


Lasts for about 1 month

NOTE: Soak your cashews over night so it's creamier and less grainy

1) 1 lemon juiced

2) 1 cup of dried cashews (soaked/rinsed)

3) 1 TBS of onion powder

4) 1 TBS of dill weed

5) pinch of sea salt

6) Water till it covers the cashews

Other alternatives:

1 tsp of cumin - gives it a hickory flavor

1 tsp of paprika - more roasted pepper flavor

How to:

1) Place all ingredients inside the blender

2) Blend until it is at the consistency that you desire. 

Use it on sandwiches, substitute it in recipes that require mayonnaise, like vegan tuna salad, or potato salad, works great in other dishes like tomato-fredo. Get creative and enjoy!

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