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Basmati Chik'n


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Recipe below:


Good for 6-8 servings

* NOTE: If raw basmati put (1 cup), add more water to the mix so the rice can get cooked

1/2 onion chopped

2-3 cups of chopped kale

1 potato chopped 

1 spoon of minced garlic

1 vegetable bullion

1 small can of diced tomatoes (no salt)

1 cup of diced Gardein chik'n (teriyaki version)

3 cups of precooked basmati rice

3 cups of water

1 TBS of basil

1 TBS of parsley

1 TBS of onion powder

1 TBS of garlic powder

- add salt to taste (himalayan is best)

How to:

1) Add ingredients in order in the Instant Pot: 

 can diced tomatoes

 chopped onions


 * dried basmati rice 

 Gardein chik'n (DON'T add teriyaki packet)

 minced garlic

 vegetable bullion



  onion powder

  garlic powder

  * cooked basmati 


  add water

  cover the lid

2) Push Pressure on Hi, Manual at 10 minutes regardless if rice is raw or cooked. 

3) Make sure the steam release is closed. 

4) After 10 minutes, Release the steam. Then open the lid and stir everything together. Taste test it. If you like the flavor, great. If it needs salt, add it to individual batches to keep the salt consumption down. 

5) Bam! Your meal is ready! 

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