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Collard Wraps

Words of Life

"I don't call it splurging,

when it's an investment in my health."

- letsvegaboutit

Recipe below:

Sliced Veggies
Filled Collards
Wrapped Collards
Topped with guacamole
Collard wraps


For one person, do about a fist full of each ingredient below

* julienne vegan meat 

* julienne cucumbers

* julienne bell peppers

* marinated lotus root (optional)

* collard leaves (5-7)

* guacamole

How to:

1) Cut all the the vegetables/fillings

2) Cut the stems off the collards

3) Using a kettle or a stove, boil some water

4) In a bowl add the boiling water, soak the collards till they become soft and flexible

5) Using soft tongs, not a fork cause it can rip the collards, pull them out of the boiling water

6) Lay them on a paper towel, try to remove the excess water

7) Fill them, then roll.

I'm in a rush
I've got time
I can splurge

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