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Veggie Stir

Fried Udon

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"If we can get people to focus on fruits and vegetables and more healthy foods, we'll be better in terms of our healthcare situation."

-Tom Vilsack

Recipe below:

Veggie Stir Fried Udon
Udon Bowl
Pack it for lunch
Udon Up close


Serves about 4 people

* 4 TBS  of Hoisin sauce

* 1 TBS of oil

* 1 medium diced onion

* 1 stalk of broccoli

* 1-2 cups of oyster mushrooms (loosely chopped)

* 2-3 packets of udon

* 1 bell pepper (color up to you)

* 1 TBS of sesame oil (optional)

NOTE: Feel free to get creative with the vegetables

I've used carrots, asparagus, fried tofu, & bell peppers. However the more veggies you put the longer it will take to make this. I suggest keeping it simple with 3-4 veggies. 

How to:

1) In a wok add oil, garlic and onion, cook until translucent

2) Add 1 bell pepper or 2 halves of 2 different colored bell peppers

3) Add oyster mushrooms

4) Add the broccoli

* Make sure you occasionally check on the veggies that they don't burn, give them a good stir

5) In a frying pan, on medium heat,  add water, enough that it fills the bottom of the pan, then add the udon noodles (cover it and cook it until the water is soaked up)

6) Once the veggies are thoroughly cooked, add 2 tbs Hoisin sauce

7) Check on the udon noodles, if the water is absorbed add the rest of the Hoisin sauce and mix it thoroughly

8) Combine everything together in the wok. If you need to, add more sauce. If it comes out a little sticky, add 1 tbs of sesame oil mix everything together

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