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Tofu Scrambler

Words of Life

"The mind is like tofu. It tastes like whatever you marinate it in."

-Sylvia Boorstein

Recipe below:


300 g of Tofu good for 2 people

* 1 block of firm tofu (drained)

* 1 tsp garlic salt

* 1 tsp turmeric powder

* 1/2 tsp paprika powder

* 1/2 tsp of Cajun spice

* 1 TBS of oil

How to:

NOTE: It is up to you what types of seasonings you'd like to use, but turmeric is pretty essential for this dish if you want it to have the right color and flavor

1) On medium heat, in a frying pan, add the oil and then add the tofu block

2) mash the tofu in the pan to look like scrambled eggs (1 min.)

3) Add all the seasonings and mix thoroughly (cook for about 3 min. or until all the water is absorbed)

I told you it was quick! Pair it with fruit or with some toast.

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