The Bread Blue


What I liked about this place:

             One of the things I have recently noticed over the years, are the increasing numbers of cafe/coffee shop style dine ins. I'm not  opposed to it. However, every time I step into one, I can't help but feel the stark contrast to the typical busy and insanely pressured Korean lifestyle to the cozy, calm and ambient atmosphere inside. I suppose it is the perfect place to escape, from the busy streets outside. Which brings me here. 

             If you are a morning person and must have breakfast, this is one place I'd recommend. The moment you open the doors, the aroma of baked goods tantalize your nostrils. Soft music plays in the backdrop not too loud to interrupt any private conversation. It is just the right volume to calm your nerves and have you sink right into your seat for a hot cup of vegan hot chocolate or coffee. 

             As you scan across the baked goods, there is a plethora of choices, which is a sigh of relief cause this isn't Paris Baguette - you know right away that your products are 100% vegan, no dairy, no eggs, no compromise.  These are just a few reasons I enjoyed my time here.

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Bread Blue (Sinchon)

Address: 서울 마포구 노고산동 54-58

Hours : 11am – 10pm 

DirectionsLINE 2: Sinchon Station exit 8

The blue directions represent the way I went in the video.

        Walk straight about 2 blocks. Make a left at Sinchon-ro 14 gil. Walk straight and turn left at the 3rd streeet road. Walk to the T-intersection. Bread Blue is on the right. 


The red represents another way that might be easier to follow.

        Walk straight about 4 blocks. Make a left at Sinchon-ro 12 gil. Walk straight pass a huge church. Bread Blue is on your left side.

Restaurant Rating System

This is rated on a scale of 1/10. 10 being the best and 1 being the least. The categories are listed below on how we ranked each place. 

  • Cuisine      9

    • Quality of ingredients​ 9

    • Taste 9

    • Presentation 9

  • Service      9

  • Facility     9 

  • Atmosphere: Casual/Couples

  • Location: Easy to get to

  • Price: Affordable $

  • Linguistics: Kor/Eng

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