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Sushi Cake

Words of Life

"The art of cooking: it'ss when you mix craftsmanship at the highest level with creativity."

-Eric Ripert 

Recipe below:


This recipe is good for 4 people

*  a 6 inch round cake pan

* pre-chopped veggies makes this a super simple meal - some ideas

     * red cabbage julienne

     * carrots julienne

     * alfalfa sprouts

     * cucumber slices

     * mixed greens

* 3 cups of cooked rice

* 2 tbs brown rice vinegar

* sesame seed

* seaweed

* 1 avocado

* yubuchobap (fried tofu)

How to:

1) First thing, mix the 2 tbs of brown rice vinegar with your rice. Set it aside.

2) Next, using a paper towel dipped in sesame oil, slightly grease the bottom of your cake pan.

3) Then add your rice to the bottom of the pan. Press it down firmly so that your cake will hold it's shape

4) Add two- three veggie layers, 1/2 the avocado then rice again.

5)Then add avocado, seaweed, yubochobap, and rice again.

6) Add two veggie layers, then rice again

7) Top it with cucumber or whatever you want, and add some sesame seeds to finish.

Let it set in the fridge for 10 minutes.

Top it off with some hoisin or pad thai sauce.

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