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Quinoa Black Bean Salad

Words of Life

"Beans come out from where beans are planted, and red beans come out from where red beans are planted." 

-Korean Proverb

Recipe below:

Sweet Chili Sauce
Quinoa Black Bean Salad
Quinoa Black Bean Salad
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This recipe is good for 3 people

* 1 cup of cooked & drained Quinoa 

* 1 cucumber diced

* 7 cherry tomatoes diced

* 1 can of black beans 

* 1 tsp of Bamboo salt (add more if needed)

* 1 TBS of sweet chili sauce

* 1 TBS of oil

* 1 tsp of garlic salt

* 1/2 lemon juice (or more depends on your taste buds)

How to:

1) Cook & drain quinoa - takes about 15 min. It should be fluffy, not soggy

2) While quinoa is cooking, dice cucumbers and tomatoes. Set aside in a large bowl

3) Take the black beans, rinse and drain from the can

4) In a pan, add the oil and the black beans, then add the sweet chili sauce and garlic salt. Saute for about 5 min.

5) Once the quinoa is done add it to the large bowl with the cucumber and tomatoes

6) Now add the black beans with the salt and lemon juice, mix everything together. There you have it! The perfect salad. 

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