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Petra Palace

What I liked about this place:

             If you are looking for a place that serves Jordanian style cuisine and is affordable, this is a great spot.  Although this restaurant isn't strictly vegan, this does have vegan options. This is great for moments when you have non-vegan friends that don't want to eat at a vegan restaurant and still want to respect everyone's choices, take them here.

             One of my favorites is the falafel sandwiches (technically should be called a wrap), make sure you add the hummus, or else it's gonna be a bit bland. The hummus is a great touch. Of all the dips two are my all time favorites the Em'nazala  and the foul. Both have unique flavors, although the eggplant is far richer and has a bit more spice in it. The foul is creamy and has a nice lemon zing to it. It paired perfectly with the Arabian salad. The salad by itself will be a bit bland, which is great that you can create a nice wrap using these ingredients. I personally loved the Taboly (tabboleh) salad, but I did notice the last time I went the chefs must have changed so it tasted a bit oilier than I remember. However, the falafels are still amazing! Very rich in flavor and absolutely delicious! 

             Check out the menu below:

hummus falafel


Address: 197, Itaewon-ro, Yongsan-gu  Seoul  04349

Phone number: 02-749-9329

Hours :Mon-Sun 12-9:30pm


   LINE 6: Itaewon Station exit 2

Walk straight for about 1 1/4 block.

You’ll see Petra Palace on the left side.

There will be pictures of falafel and Jordanian inspired dishes outside the store.

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Restaurant Rating System

This is rated on a scale of 1/10. 10 being the best and 1 being the least. The categories are listed below on how we ranked each place. 

  • Cuisine      8

    • Quality of ingredients​ 9

    • Taste 9

    • Presentation 9

  • Service      9

  • Facility     9 

  • Atmosphere: Casual/Couples

  • Location: Easy to get to

  • Price: Economical $

  • Linguistics: Kor/Eng

How do you rate this place?

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