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Mai Thai

What I liked about this place:

            I have to admit, that when I thought about Arizona, I imagined cactus and a lot of desert, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that it has some of the most unique topography in the US. Cottonwood is about the center of Arizona and it is a very quaint little town. Well, "little" is a relative term, but it is smaller than say other counties. Regardless, this restaurant is a nice yet slightly hidden gem in a place that is surrounded by your typical "country-folk" diet. 

            If you're looking for diversity and a little taste of exotic, this is a great spot. The ambiance is a modernized touch to Thai culture with the elephant motifs and plush chairs. It's great for dates and for family dinning. 

            In terms of the food, I would definitely recommend the Masaman Curry. It is so creamy, zesty and very satisfying. They have a diverse menu, which is great because when you are traveling, it is nice to have options. Their vegetarian menu can easily be veganized, which makes eating at this restaurant 


What about you?  What did you like about this place? What did you try?

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Mai Thai 

Address: 157 S Main St, Cottonwood, AZ 86326

Phone number:  +1 928-649-2999

Hours : 11:30am-3pm /4:30pm -9pm

Restaurant Rating System

This is rated on a scale of 1/10. 10 being the best and 1 being the least. The categories are listed below on how we ranked each place. 

  • Cuisine      9

    • Quality of ingredients​ 10

    • Taste 9

    • Presentation 10

  • Service      9

  • Facility     10 

  • Atmosphere: Casual/Couples

  • Location - Difficulty to reach: Easy

  • Price: Decent $$

  • Linguistics: Eng

How do you rate this place?

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