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Dalyang Cafe

What I liked about this place:

             You ever have had those moments when it is raining outside and all you want to do is grab your favorite drink, a book and nice plush blanket while eating something hot and delicious? This place always reminds me of that feeling. It is so cozy, despite being a bit small. You can seat about 15 and it's perfect for those intimate close party events. (Below are pictures of some of our game days and special events that were held at this location.) And even better, pet friendly. Costco had his debut there when he was about 5 weeks old. It makes it the perfect place when you want to bring your furry companions. But please be courteous of other guests if you do bring it. ^.^


What about you?  What did you try?

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Green smoothie & Vegan BBQ
Vegan shrimp wrap
Vegan Chimichanga
Costco the mascot
Blueberry choco pudding
Cataan Game Day

Dalyang (Sweet Kitten) (달양)

Address: 45-183, Jongam-dong, Seongbuk-gu

Phone number: 02-60109033

Hours : 11am – 10pm


   LINE 6: Korea University Exit 2

Walk straight

Turn L onto Bugaksan-ro.

Then turn R onto Bugaksan-ro 29 gil.

Go straight till you walk in between a school and an apartment complex

Turn L onto Jongam-ro 9 gil

(T – intersection)

Keep walking straight past the IPark Apartment complex on your left.

The café is on your right side

IF it is your first time best to follow the directions from the video:

        Korea University Exit 3  

Take green bus 21

Get off at IPark apartment bus stop.

Walk straight about 1 min.

Dalyang is on the right.

Restaurant Rating System

This is rated on a scale of 1/10. 10 being the best and 1 being the least. The categories are listed below on how we ranked each place. 

  • Cuisine      9.5

    • Quality of ingredients​ 9

    • Taste 10

    • Presentation 10

  • Service      9

  • Facility     9.5 

  • Atmosphere: Casual/Couples

  • Location: Slightly tedious

  • Price: Economical-Decent $$

  • Linguistics: Kor/Eng

How do you rate this place?

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