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Crispy Vegan
Kimchi Buchimgae

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- letsvegaboutit

Recipe below:


Serving Size: 3-5 people


6 TBS of Korean Pancake Mix

1 cup of kimchi (chopped up)

1/8 cup of kimchi liquid

1/4 cup of Just Eggs

1.5 tsp of baking powder

1/2 cups of water

Cayenne powder (optional)

How to:

1) Put the kimchi and kimchi liquid in a bowl​

2) Add Just Eggs, baking powder and Korean pancake mix 

3) Stir everything together, while slowly pouring in the water


4) The texture should be runny, but not like a faucet. It should be chunky and slightly thick with out being sticky

5) If you want to add more spicy throw a dash of cayenne powder




Option 1: Makes 6-8 small pancakes

1) I used a 12 in. non-stick pan, it reduce the amount of oil needed

2) I used an oil spray and only had to coat it once for the entire batter

3) Using a small ladle, pour the batter on the skillet, make sure to make room for at least two more small pancakes to be added

4) Cook until it is nice and crispy (medium heat)​


Option 2: Makes 1-3 pancakes

 1) Small iron cast Skillet

2) Pour batter into skillet until it covers the surface

3) Bake at 425° for 12-20 min. Check periodically to make sure it doesn't burn

4) You want the edges to be nice and crispy.

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