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Cajun Vegan

Fried Chik'n

Words of Life

Learn how to cook -- Try new recipes,

learn from your mistakes, be fearless, 

and above all have fun.

- Julia Child

Recipe below:


Great for 3-4 people using 20 pieces of the veggie meat

NOTE: veggie meat can be bought at the link on the side bars

1 cup wheat flour

3/4 cup potato starch

2 TBS of cumin powder

2 TBS of cajun spice

1 TBS of paprika powder

1/2 tsp of black pepper

1+ cup of water

frying oil (amount depends on your pot)

Veggie Meat

How to:

1) Soak the veggie meat over night

2) Take the veggie meat and sqeeze out the excess water and shred them

3) In a big bowl, pour all the dry ingredients together and mix it

4) Add the shredded veggie meat and make sure they are fully coated with the dry ingredients

5) Next, add water to the cajun mixture until it turns into a batter-like-substance (a thick liquid)

6) You can store it to cook later or cook it right away


1) In a deep small pot or frying pot add oil. There should be enough oil that the chik'n would be submerged in it.

2) Let the oil heat up on medium-low heat. It shouldn't be boiling over, but a low bubble

3) Add the chik'n and fry it till it gets nice and brown, then set it aside on wax paper or a paper towel. 

Let's eat! 

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