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Taken for Granted

Our body is probably the most taken for granted organism on the planet. Think about it. When we wake up, we don’t assume that our eyes wouldn’t open. We naturally open them without a millisecond thought. Our eyes dilate and adjust based on the incoming light.

Our bodies get out of bed by the use of muscles, bones, ligaments and tendons all working together with our nervous and skeletal system. Our body is equipped with proprioception, letting us know where our feet are in relation to the floor without us even having to look down at our feet. We can feel textural differences between silk and satin. We lick our lips, when it’s chapped. All of which we don’t have to compute. It comes naturally.

What doesn’t come naturally to us is, abuse. Abuse isn’t natural it is taught. It is a behavior in which we are trained in. Take any child that has never been predisposed to cruelty and watch its behavior. They are tender, timid and curious. They explore their surroundings using their body. They take in the smells, texture, the color, the movement that is about them with great wonder. But sometime between adolescence and adulthood our brains change. We are taught to treat our bodies with contempt.

We are taught to say things like “I wish I had ____________.” With our dissatisfaction amplified we look to things to fulfill our self-worth.

But if we took the time to examine, the amazing body in which we have been blessed with, we would see how unique and wonderful it is.

Our brain according to neuroscientists is capable of storing between 1-100 terabytes of information. The heart alone pumps 2000 gallons of blood a day. The eyes are able to process between 1- 100 million shades of color. All of which come quite naturally, unless you have some limitations due to injury or gene mutations. Despite even that, our bodies are resilient.

Our bodies are cable of functioning despite the strangest of odds. Some live with no limbs at all. Some survive with one eye. Some thrive with just one side of their brain. It is in these special and unusual circumstances in which we often admire those who have to live in such conditions. But what about those who seem to be “normal”? Are you appreciating what your body is capable of?

We take our health for granted so often, until we are sick that we wish we were well. How about treating our body right, so we wouldn’t have to be wishful-thinking? Incorporating the right types of food into our diets is one of the biggest ways in which we can support our own bodies from deteriorating quicker than it needs to. Why speed up the process, when we can slow it down and enjoy the bodies we have been given?

Each day is a gift. Each body is no different, so treat yours and everyone else's right.

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