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P.Jenkins and M.S Jenkins (2017 July 8)

        Quite a late post, but it's never to late to share what some awesome people are doing here in Seoul. 

At the last Flea Market, I was blessed to meet some really unique people. So I wanted to share what they had at this venue. 

Shannon from Scratch:

        I met Shannon at the 2015  Flea Market near HBC. She was busy selling her homemade lasagnas and delicious hummus. After talking to her, I found out she was an independent personal chef specializing in Western style dishes. For those Seoulites too busy to cook, she is hired to prep meals for people's specific lifestyle choices.  She delivers and ships anywhere in Korea.  You can find her by clicking the title Shannon from Scratch. 


        Love how there are more options for quick, simple, and delicious easy meals for the fast pace lifestyle. Curtis File the CEO of the Mogoeats company began in Oct. 2016. Their website is easy with great options for vegans too. They show cased their meals at the 3rd Vegan Festival and had some great reviews. What's great about their meals is that it is easy to customize for those with specific allergens. 

photo credit: Shannon from Scratch, enhanced by letsvegaboutit

photo credit: mogoeats website


        Most vegans I know are big supporters of all animals. This group was created for the sake of supporting the Yongin Pound, which encourages people to adopt pets so that they won't be euthanized. I met Cami, one of the volunteers who helps provide homes to animals located in Yongin. Word still needs to get around for those who are able and capable of saving these amazing animals.  If you want to get involved or help support a cause, check out their page by clicking the title above.  

Violife Cheese:

        We all know this brand by now, if you don't, you're missing out! 

photo credit: Yongin Pound FB page

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