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I very much enjoyed working out with Pearl no matter what muscles we were working on. Though I specifically enjoyed the abdominal workouts. She pushed me very hard and I never felt that the work outs were easy, I was left with fire burning in my abs every time. I also enjoyed how she would do the ab and leg works out with me, this not only made it more fun, but also showed her commitment as a person trainer.

                        - Chase D. 

                          H.S. student

Every trainer is different, and when introduced to a new trainer, it can take some time to find your groove. Things fell right into place with Pearl, as if she had been training me for years. Her outgoing and friendly demeanor makes it easy to have a conversation, get to know her, and be honest about how each session is going.

Pearl works hard to ensure you get the best workout while still enjoying it. She introduces new exercises regularly to keep things interesting and work different muscle groups. She quickly learned my skill level and helped push me to reach new goals. She motivates me to work harder, to get that extra rep, to try new exercises, and to laugh along the way.

                                   - Kami R. 

                                      V.P Sales and Marketing

As one of her clients I was able to see the beauty and drive in Pearl. No matter how many hours she spent coaching people she always kept a smile on her face. Her smile and spirit lifted any room she walked into. Her positive attitude made going to the gym fun and exciting. One thing I had told Pearl was that I wanted to focus on ab, butt and leg workouts. Pearl exceeded my expectation, she put me to work right away and kicked my butt every workout. One of my favorite workouts we did were butt and leg workouts because I wanted my legs to be tone which is exactly what Pearl did.


                       - Kayla B. 


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I have had the privilege of working with Pearl "1 on 1". I workout 3 times a week and I have spent a lot of that time with Pearl.  I have found that first of all, she has a way of making me feel comfortable and not self-conscious as I am working thru the various exercises.  She is very knowledgeable about proper technique, and just how far to push me without going too far.  She is studied and experienced in diet and fitness, etc. and has been able to answer every question that I have had pertaining to my own quest for fitness and health.  She has helped me to understand the importance of, reasons and need for me to continue pursuing it.  In addition to that, she has a great personality and sense of humor.  I thoroughly enjoy my time with her.  She has been able to make hard sweaty work into fun for me.  Also, she is very informed in the field of healthy eating and diet.

                                                         - Dee E. 

                                                           age 71 

Pearl is a very hard worker and personable with great knowledge in her field of nutrition and sports training.  As for my experience with Pearl, it was great – she was patient yet persistent in pushing me to my personal potential goal and beyond my expectations.  Pearl’s personal workouts with me included machines, free weights and focused leg and abdominal workouts.  The Leg and the AB workouts were a great challenge and I enjoyed them the most as they were different and very challenging.

                                           - Jeremy B. 


Pearl's approach to her professional life is one of confidence and kindness. While being instructed by Pearl, I always felt that she was concerned with my well being and she behaved in a strictly professional manner, but with a smile on her face. I have benefitted greatly in gaining strength and endurance through her guidance. As an older distance runner, I needed to work on my core strength. Training with Pearl was fun and I noticed quite an improvement in my core area.

Pearls background in communication has served her well as a personal trainer. It was always made clear what was required of me and correction of my form in a particular exercise, was made with concise directions, with no ambiguity.

                              - Matt M. 

                               Chemistry/Physics Instructor

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